Best Roles for 2023 Graduates

Entering the workforce after graduating can be daunting. With so many industries and entry-level roles to explore, how can you be sure you’re kicking off a career of growth and opportunity? 

While the answer truly depends on your personal preferences and career goals, there are some strategies you can apply to your search to start off on a promising career path. And that starts by identifying roles where growth is on the rise. 

Keep reading for the Guide to Graduate team’s list of five of the best roles for 2023 graduates and jobseekers. 

How We Identified Top Trending Roles for New Graduates

When it came to narrowing down the top-tier roles for new graduates, we took a few factors into consideration:

  • Average pay: With inflation at an all-time high, salary is of utmost importance to new graduates and jobseekers. For that reason, our top trending roles must have an average salary of $50,000 or above to have made the list.
  • Number of jobs: Job openings and demand are imperative, especially for new graduates. To be considered for our list of top trending roles, they must be bursting with entry-level opportunities. 
  • Growth rate: Trending means growing at an accelerated rate. To be considered on GTG’s list of the best roles for 2023 grads, we factored in growth rate from the past five years. 

Next, we paired these factors with our intensive research to generate a list of the top five roles for 2023 graduates.

Top Five Roles for 2023 Graduates

Registered Nurse (RNs) | Average Entry Salary: $65,000

2023 nursing grads are in luck–this is a hot, in-demand industry that’s dire for new talent. While also ranked as one of the most rewarding jobs, RNs are essentially guaranteed a career path of opportunity and financial stability, with plenty of roles available in every city and state.

Advertising and Marketing | Average Entry-Level Salary: $51,000

The demand for advertising and marketing across all industries has skyrocketed by over 12% in the past three years, and is only expected to grow. And, as a plus for new graduates, there are endless opportunities to try out across any industry. From advertising account representatives, to entry-level design assistants, don’t feel any shame exploring a few different roles to see what you enjoy most!

Teaching | Average Entry-Level Salary: $50,000

We’re sure you’ve heard of the teacher shortage, and, while it’s definitely not a stress-free field, it does offer plenty of rewards. From applying purpose to your role as you make an impact on the lives of students every day, to opportunity for job security and growth, teaching roles around the nation are waiting to be filled by new grads ready to apply their creativity and energy to molding young minds!

Software Developer | Average Entry-Level Salary: $62,000

There have been more than 150,000 software development jobs added in the past five years, and the 15% growth in demand for developers is only expected to rise in the next five years. For entry-level developers, in particular, the career path is not only promising, but also extremely profitable.

Plumbing | Average Entry-Level Salary: $50,000

About 48,600 openings for plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters pop up each year, and the industry has seen about a 10% spike in job growth in the past five years, and that’s expected to double in the coming years. For trade graduates, plumbing promises a career of growth and continued demand, ensuring job security and satisfaction. 

Remember, no matter what role you land on, it’s never too early–or too late–to try something different. Your career path doesn’t have to be linear, and you can always jump to a new challenge or opportunity whenever you feel it’s right. 

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