On Our Radar: Three Emerging Industries

Banking, tech, medical – we all know the standard industries that have been around for decades. But, if you’re getting tired of switching roles within the same field, or looking for a new and exciting challenge, sometimes it helps to stray away from the traditional. 

With new innovation comes new industries. From marijuana to gaming, there’s a whole world of emerging companies bursting with opportunity for old and new grads alike. Read on for the Guide to Graduate’s list of top three emerging industries to keep on your radar. 

1/ Cannabis

The legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis across several US states and Canada presents a huge business opportunity in a rapidly growing industry.

The cannabis industry is worth more than $60 billion in the US alone, and it’s only expected to grow. With reputable and business-savvy investors like Jay-Z, Seth Rogan, and Bill Gates, the industry’s growth is projected to be highly lucrative (pun intended!).

Opportunities to Explore Within the Cannabis Industry

From transportation and logistics, to cultivation, manufacturing, and marketing, the opportunities within the cannabis industry are abundant. If you’re hoping to translate your current skill set to a new industry, job boards like Indeed and Vangst can help you find your future role. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to dive deep into a new field or profession, consider checking out continuing education or master’s degree programs in cannabis. Degrees like Medical Cannabis and Therapeutics and Cannabis Science and Commerce are emerging online and in campuses around the world, and new graduates can expect a yearly salary range of  between $50,000 to 128,000, on average. 

2/ Cultivated Meat

Instead of being made from plants, cultivated, or “lab grown,” meat is real animal meat (including seafood) that is made from real animal cells. The meat essentially “grows” from muscle samples and stem cells, eliminating the need to raise and farm animals for food, without sacrificing texture or taste.

Sound far-fetched? Analysts don’t think so. In fact, the cultured meat market is estimated to be valued at over USD 214 million by 2025, and is projected to reach USD 593 million by 2032. 

Opportunities to Explore Within the Cultivated Meat Industry

From R&D and marketing, to biochemistry and engineering, the industry is booming with opportunities to easily translate your skills from one industry to another. Check out some opportunities to be an early employee in the cultivated meat industry here on Google Jobs

3/ eSports

The trend of competitive video games (ie: eSports) is clearly on the rise, already making its way into popular culture, global investors, brands, media outlets, and consumers. It’s no wonder why experts are predicting 2022 to be a record year for eSports, estimating the industry to surpass 29 million monthly viewers and $1 billion in revenue.

If you love gaming and want to align your passions with your career, or just want to cash-in on an industry about to explode, eSports could very well be the new setting you’ve been searching for. 

Opportunities to Explore Within the eSports Industry

Virtual coach, community coordinator, marketing assistant; no matter your skill set, chances are, the gaming community has a fit for you. And, with niche job boards like hitmarker, you can explore a plethora of new roles specific to the eSports industry and your strengths.

Is there an industry we haven’t covered today that you’d like to explore? Share it with us in the comments. Who knows–it just might be a topic we could dive further into in a future blog post!

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